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Why I Switched to MCC's 9mm GTFO

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

When we launched Outlawed Ink in 2022, I wanted to reach out to a customer base that the brand would resonate with, so I set up booths at various events including local Sportsman (gun) shows.

During the shows one of the booths that had consistent foot traffic and constantly busy as McHenry Cartridge Company (MCC).

I needed to know what the hell these guys were selling that was drawing so much attention. At first, I stood back and listened to the sales pitch. To my surprise I didn’t hear one, instead I heard two gun guys that are passionate about their brand and absolute nerds about ballistics educating onlookers that turned into customers.

I had to meet these dudes to learn more about their brand and product. I asked the owner for a tour of their facility and get the background on the company. Zach welcomed me over and here is what I learned.

Some of you may be old enough to remember a little pandemic that occurred around 2020 ish that caused everything to close down. An increase in crime that led to a boost in firearm sales and the result caused a shortage of ammunition.

Hell, even left leaning progressive liberal Democrats were buying up all the guns!

Now most people would think starting a new business at this time was insane but the team at MCC saw an amazing opportunity.

First it is important to note MCC are not “reloaders” that go to the ranges and pick up spent brass. Instead, they are commercial loader that sources all the BEST materials from various companies to make a completely new round to their specifications.

9mm GTFO

The flagship and most popular round are the 68 grain 9mm GTFO. The company built this round from the ground up using specifically sourced materials that provide a lighting fast round that is lighter but causes a much larger initial wound than a hollow point.

The cartridges come from Shell Shock Technologies NAS3 case made from Nickel Alloy Steel. The casing are twice the strength of brass, handling pressures up to 65,000 psi, half the weight of brass, and eject cool to the touch.

I have personally had an expended cartridge fall into my sweatshirt while at the range and I didn’t even feel it. It wasn’t until I got home and took off my Outlawed Ink sweatshirt and the case fell out that I realized it was there!

MCC uses a Lehigh Defense Extreme Defense monolithic copper projectile that resembles a Phillips-head screwdriver (more on that later) that is designed NOT to break apart upon impact.

The horsepower comes from Lovex D036 powder as a propellant that provides the needed push to penetrate and cause some serious damage.

Check out this video that shows the damage caused by Lehigh Defense Extreme Defense monolithic copper projectile.

A Different Approach

A traditional 9mm hollow point round is heavier, designed to break apart or expand upon impact, and typically travels slower.

The guys at MCC took a different approach, they packed a lighter projectile, that travels faster at an insane 1,176 fps, and instead of breaking apart the projectile enters its target and dumps a massive amount of kinetic energy quickly. This causes a large temporary cavity causing that initial stopping power.

Unlike a fragmenting or even a hollow point, this is a monolithic solid copper projectile and is not going to fragment or break apart or expand for that matter.

Many people state that when shooting a hollow point, it takes several shots to take neutralize a target. This round is designed to address that issue, even a cracked out bad guy will know they have been shot with the GTFO and will be stopped.

I love seeing the expressions on the peoples faces at the show after hearing about the lighter projectile that travels faster and has a more effective stopping power. These harden gun owners often say, “Get the Fuck Out” and that is where the GTFO in 9mm “GTFO” came from!

Watch the full video here of my interview with one of the owners Zach.

Rigorous Quality Control

MCC takes their quality control very seriously, they know if you press that trigger it is because you are in fear of your life or someone that you care about being taken away and that round needs to go bang.

Before new cartridges hit the market rounds are sent to a third party to be pressure tested to meet SAMMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute) specifications.

Never heard of SAMMI? Me either, SAMMI is pressure testing standard that requires drilling a hole in case a specified distance back from the case mouth. Pressure is measured externally by means of gas which escapes via hole in case. This method is complicated, but high in accuracy and ensures consistency.

All rounds are assembled using loading machines (not manual) that are capable of doing several quality checks during production. Onboard sensors check for primer depth, measure powder, powder check, bullet height, bullet presence, and that's just on the machine level.

In addition to the machine quality checks, individual rounds are spot checked for three measurements confirming the length, width, and primer depth are within specifications throughout the production process.

From there the rounds go to the polisher to tumble and polish. This machine gets rid of a lot of that oily residue that is inherent from manufacturing.

Next up the ammunition is sent to a shaker table. The shaker table will sort and caliber check 2100 cartridges at a time.

For a final quality review, a checker block is then used to chamber check to make sure that primers correctly oriented the case and length is appropriate to ensure smooth operation and feeding.

Now the ammo is finally ready for the market.

Street Cred

An awesome product, extensive knowledge, and pretty website mean nothing without some street cred and MCC has that!!!

Due to the nature of the round, specifications, and the organization that purchases the round the owners were limited to what they could tell me, but what they did say blew my fuck’n mind.

MCC supplies a special round for a law enforcement agency that will remain unnamed. MCC was tasked with creating a .308 barrier buster.

The round is not an armor piercing round but behaves as one. This police department needed a round that could penetrate glass without changing flight path so that a sniper could confidently shoot a target behind a light barrier holding a hostage.

The round would need to end the conflict without breaking or harming the hostage.

After several tests against glass thickness and angles MCC was awarded the contract.

In addition, local law enforcement is open to using ammunition companies within the community. Many officers in the area train with MCC’s range ammo and carry their defense ammo on the job.

More Than Just 9mm

In this blog I focused on the 9mm GTFO, but MCC has a wide range of ammo is several calibers available to the public.

Their portfolio is constantly expanding based on market demands and customers’ needs.

Click here to check out MCC’s full line up from the cute .380 to the testosterone fueled .300 blackout and everything in between.

About Outlawed Ink

The GTFO is so sexy you almost don’t want to shoot but this more than just a pretty bullet.

I have personally tested and seen the damage this round is capable of. I have sent several hundred rounds through my Sig P365 and have experienced no failures.

It is for that reason that I trust my safety and choose to protect my family with this round.

Before you go to MCC’s website and buy bulk ammo save a few bucks for an Outlawed Ink shirt.

Outlawed Ink is an American apparel company and the person that wears our tees is rebellious questioning everything, relentless in passions, and repentless about defending liberties.

If that message resonates with you and you like this article, I am confident you found your new favorite brand and we WANT YOU in our tribe!

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