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We offer several options and understand that each company has specific needs along with challenges that we can cater to. Below are some basic options that have worked well for other customers.

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Welcome to The Outlawed Ink Vendor Page!

Are you looking to add a high margin product to your store with virtually no risk???

Checkout our line of shirts and see if any of our product line would fit in your store. 

Here are the top reasons to carry Outlawed Ink apparel at your store: 


1- High margins with over 50% mark-up when selling at MSRP 

2- MAP pricing set at $19.99. Outlawed Ink or other vendors will never sell below that price on new release items. 

3- 15-mile territory rights to Outlawed Ink branded apparel


4- Most companies require high volume orders requiring a high upfront cost with large inventory taking away most of the profit margins. We take order quantities as low as 20 units on Outlawed Ink branded shirts keeping your inventory down and profits high!


5- Most commercial printers use plastisol inks that have a rough feel and crack over time. The upside for them is that the cost of that ink is low, it is easier to work with, and offers brighter colors.

We use discharge or water-based inks providing the softest vintage feel possible on a screen-printed shirt. If you want to learn more about this style of printing, CLICK HERE for a blog that goes into more detail on the inks we use.

*Due to high volume of sales of our apparel, we currently do not offer screen printing services for non-Outlawed Ink designs.



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If your customers look ours, Outlawed Ink is a great fit your company!

Let's Make You Money!

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